Asset Auction Services offers auction services in all facets of the auction world. Our primary business is assisting the recently bereaved in disposing of the goods left behind. We will do as little or as much as needed. We can receive for auction a few items dropped off at the auction house or we can come to the home with a crew and catalog, pack, transport and sell all of the items and prepare the building for the realtor. This often includes delivering goods kept by the family to their location. We literally do as little or as much as you need. For out of town will executors this can be a great benefit.

Asset Auction Services offers a venue for week to week consignors who hand pick items to bring to the auction to resell and to those families and individuals needing to clear out extra “stuff”. Asset Auction Services is a much easier choice than the trouble of a yard/garage sale or classified ads.

Asset Auction Services has the equipment and crew to do off site auctions whether for profit or charity. Store close outs are an art form.

Asset Auction Services produces fund raisers for charities. Our company answers the need of strong non profit organizations that need funding but lack the volunteer personnel to plan, organize and arrange a Gala Event, Night Club Outing, Bar-B-Que, Softball Tournament, Rummage Sale or other fund raising event. Charities need the eye of the public and we use these events to put you there.

Asset Auction Services offers avenues for item disposal out side of our auction house. We can set up and maintain Craig’s list, eBay, Internet sales and act as agents moving sale items through other metropolitan auction house.

Asset Auction Services also acts as a one call “find it-buy it” services. If you’re completing a set, need a piece of equipment or that special gift we can find it for you at your price if it exists.



AAS is performing an auction in Stuart for a Military surplus and construction tool store. I have just loaded 154 pictures onto auctionzip.com and more will be coming in the next week. We have a military Harley Davidson motorbike, a1948 GM motor coach, a military Cushman, a man lift, generators, force air portable AC, models, welders, torches, and the cutest little mini tank you have ever seen. Click below to see the pictures and call the number up top with questions.